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For those who want to improve their experience in internet browsing, then they need to have 1stBrowser on their web browser. Besides, it helps you significantly to improve, this browser also allows you to make a personalization, quick access to favorite sites, even more, secure your data.

Even though it is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), you will need it because it is very useful. No need to worry about bad things because the PUP is only associated with the deceptive installation without users’ consent and browsing activity tracking, such as demographic location, website visited, pages viewed, and many more.

1stBrowser at a Glance

If you don’t really familiar with 1stBrowser, then we will inform you at a glance here. It is a browser just like the other web browsers, such as Opera, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

Besides it has comfortable features, this program also promises that it makes you are confident to browse with a special anti-virus and protection for malware. Also, your chat will be more fun with thousands of smileys, emoticons, and stickers. Thus, it is definitely recommended as your chatting, download, or online shopping assistant.

1stBrowser Features

Even though you find the other applications that claim can help your work, only 1stBrowser the best one. Surprisingly, this browser is available in various languages. Not only English, but also you can find it in the other options, such as Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Don’t be worried about the virus or any issue. Because surfing the internet using this browser saves you from the interruptions and other risks. See what the good things from it below:

1. Adjustable Layout

You might think that the interface won’t be the same. Actually, the user interface (UI) is not that significantly different from your previous web browser. It comes with smooth UI and customizable based on your preferred theme. It offers you various themes, so you are possibly modifying the icon from the settings.

2. Useful Toolbar

When you are in a hurry or having multitasked working time, this browser will help you very well. There is a left-clicking which lets you access some websites in a quick way. You can find it in the address bar with a friendly icon. The good news is you can customize it too, for example, to add, remove, or edit the content.

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1stBrowser Latest Version

3. Handy Downloader

We know that you don’t just browse the internet to seek information. Some people surf the space to download favorite music, video, or film. This browser allows you to download these multimedia contents directly. No need to add any extensions or plug-ins again. Just browse to the website, choose your favorite, then press the download button. It will automatically download the selected document to your computer.

4. The System Tray

When you close this program, it is still running in the system tray. But you can manage it by turning off the setting. This feature can be off if you click the icon on the right side. Thus, it is very lightweight and handy with multiple customizations. You will have complete authority for your browsing activity.

5. Special Features

As we mentioned above that you will be fun chatting with this. More than that, this interactive browser really adapts to modern people’s lifestyles. It has a special sidebar which lets you access to all social media networks quickly. So, you can update your pages as soon as you want. Also, you won’t miss any notifications. Reply to all comments and messages with funny smileys and stickers.

We want to remind you again that installing 1stBrowser is not harmful to your device. If you really pay attention to the terms and conditions also the license agreement, you won’t face any issue. Even if you install the other software, this program won’t disturb the operation. So, you can come along with many software at the same time.

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