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For those who dream customization on their web browser, then using Avant Browser is the answer. Even though this browser is not as popular as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, it offers you some advantages. Thus, you can make it as an alternative for internet navigation software. Coming with customization features, you are able to do anything you want. Just download it now, run the .exe file, and follow the remaining instructions.

There is one simple thing you need to do before installing this program. Knowing that Avant Browser is built on the Internet Explorer engine, thus, you have to make sure that you have the latest Internet Explorer version. This browser will operate on top the Internet Explorer. You don’t need to think about the previous Internet Explorer. Avant Browser won’t disturb and give no effect for the Windows default browser. Know more about this unique browser by seeing the list below:

Avant Browser Features

1. Interface

We assure that you will be amazed since first sight. Once the installation is successful, you will see the innovative features. As we mentioned at the opening, this web browser is suitable for everyone who loves customization. There are features that allow you to manage your work, for example, you can do drag-and-drop for the tabs. Whether you want to see which one is downloading or loading. Furthermore, you can arrange all the functions from the toolbars. Choose each function that fits your needs.

2. Resource Consumption

The other benefit is resource consumption. This web browser won’t require a big memory usage. We might say that this is the lowest resource consumption compared to the others. “No Memory Leakage” is the technology that instantly releases the whole tabs at once you have closed them.

3. Speed

For the additional benefit, you will get the perfect browsing experience through its speed. Knowing that this is the lowest memory usage, so the navigation will be smooth. This software has an anti-freezing technology, that is why your work will be very fluent. Moreover, with the flash animation filter, the user can save the bandwidth. Because just from one click, you can block download you won’t. If you already blocked several websites due to unwilling videos, movies, or sound, the speed is getting faster.

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Avant Browser Latest Version

4. Security and Privacy

We know that many people are hard to remember password. Moreover, that would not be only one. For example, you have many social media, thus, it is impossible to have just one password. This web browser will help you to remember the password. Don’t panic, you still can protect your password. When we are talking about privacy, there is Private Mode. By using this mode, this web browser won’t save any data on your computer. So, when you have to share the computer, the other people won’t know your browsing history and files were displayed while you were working.

5. Online Bookmarks

Online bookmarks help you to access any pages once you have no internet connection. No matter you are at the cafe, office, or anywhere, you can continue your work. Again, don’t be worried about privacy. The other users won’t know if you set the encrypted stand-alone bookmarks. Also, history will still exist even though you re-install Windows.

Avant Browser is not only useful for customization. If you are an active online forum audience, using this software is the best. The Mouse Gestures will open the new page once you click a link with the middle mouse button. The new page will appear in a new window in the background. Actually, there are still lots of reasons why this browser should be on your device. But, we have no hesitation anymore once we know those five advantages from this software.

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