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Previously, we always found it difficult to repair devices remotely. However, over time some software companies are trying to solve this problem. The solution to this problem is using a remote support application or software. One of them is the BeyondTrust that remote support that is very reliable to overcome problems even from a distance though.  This software was known as Bomgar Remote Support. Here are more details about this software.

What To Know About BeyondTrust

1. The Main Function

This application is a remote support solution that allows us to access remotely and repair almost all devices. Apart from that, the application can also run any platform with a variety of different systems, which are located anywhere in the world. Therefore this software becomes our professional support to be able to work on many systems simultaneously.

Besides chatting with many users at once, and working with other representatives in the same session to fix problems faster. Through your own firewall, BeyondTrust routes all activities through fully secure tools that do not exist such as cloud-based solutions and old school remote access tools.

2. Safe From Hackers

It’s no secret that remote access tools are the main target for hackers. This is because of the opportunity for the data that we send to other people to be easily read by other internet users. Therefore, this can be an obstacle for large companies to keep their secrets.

However, this application tries to overcome this by routing all activities through our own firewall safely. The object is a BeyondTrust box that works the same way as an old-school remote access tool and cloud-based solution. Therefore, this application is very safe for us to use in helping our daily work.

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3. Easy to Deploy

This application is very easy to use in any condition. This application allows us to remotely control computers using a website. Even better, users can access the website from anywhere. So we can use it to connect remotely to client computers.

This tool allows us to solve further problems before sending data or files to where we want to go. So do not be surprised if many believe in the performance that this application has to offer. Moreover, how to use it is very easy and we can use it under any circumstances and anywhere.

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4. Server Requirements

For better performance, BeyondTrust has server requirements that we must meet. The resource requirements for reaching 1,000 direct clients in one session are 2 virtual CPUs, 4 GB of memory. In addition, 2.5 GHz or more, a secondary drive of 100 GB, and 32 GB of operating system storage. But for 10,000 clients directly use 8 GB of memory and 4 virtual CPUs.

Additionally 32 GB of storage, 2.5 GHz or more and a 500 GB secondary drive. Then, for 25,000 direct clients, are 100 GB secondary drives located in the high-performance data store. Additionally 8 virtual CPUs, 16 GB memory, 2.5 GHz or better, 1000+ GB tertiary drives for recording, and 32 GB of available storage.

5. Operating System

One factor that makes BeyondTrust easy to use is because we can use this application for various operating systems. The operating systems are Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, and Linux. It can also be used for Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Web browsers (OS Agnostic).

Surely the operating system is most commonly used by everyone in the world. So this application is very special to be able to adjust to all Operating Systems in the world. Therefore, people in various countries will have no difficulty when using it.

That was a few important things about BeyondTrust’s remote support. This application is very useful in helping our work. Moreover, we can control or fix problems on other devices remotely easily. In addition, this application is very safe from hackers so they can maintain the privacy and secrets of our work.

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