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There are many causes that can help in losing data from our computer. From our own mistake until our computer suddenly acts strange or even reinstalled the OS and made us lose our data. But there’s nothing to worry about since Data Rescue can help with any lost data.

This program from PROSOFT Engineering Inc. can retrieve any files, from documents, photos, videos, and audios. Thus, this program is quite powerful among its peers. This is why Data Rescue becomes the best choice for Mac and Windows OS. Not to mention, it is also easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Data Rescue Features

There are many things that made us lose our data from computers, from human mistakes to computers’ wrongdoing. But Data Rescue is ready to retrieve the data losing issues that we face. Here are what we can do with this program:

1. Deleted File Scan

Just like its name, Data Rescue can retrieve the deleted files with this feature. It works by scanning the empty spaces where the deleted files previously occupied. Then, it will create the rebuild version of the files through the history from the scanned spaces.

2. Quick Scan

Not all of us have the whole day to wait for the scanning process to finish. Thus, the most popular feature from this program is the Quick Scan. But to utilize this feature, the volume should be detected in the hard drive. It works by looking at the order of the folder hierarchies, then rebuilding its directory structure.

3. Deep Scan

Different from the Quick Scan, the Deep Scan feature is the opposite. By using this method, it will detect the directory structure of the hard drive. Then, it will also scan the whole drive and rebuild any recognized history pattern from the drive. Through this process, we will get a more possible result.


This feature only specialized for RAID drives. There are two ways this feature works. First, when the drive still appears, then we can scan in the normal way. But if the drive failed to configure or the members appear as individuals drive, then this feature will appear as virtual RAID to simulate the hardware.

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Data Rescue Latest Version

5. Clone

Another given name that tells us pretty close to what it does. Clone means that this program will clone the drive or volume into another drive or volume. The problem is that in many cases 100% copying is hard to do due to the disk error.

6. BootWell

This one new feature is what makes the Data Rescue considered as the powerful data retriever program. Because this feature allows us to recover the file from the startup drive. Thus, we can recover the file without the need to ‘entering’ the computer and do it from the booted environment.

System Requirement

To use this program, at least our computer should be MacOS 10.10 or later and Windows 7 or later. To run the program, we need secondary storage and an internet connection. Meanwhile, for recovering data from the startup drive, then we have to prepare the 32 GB USB drive for the Recovery Drive.

Things to Remember

The problem is that we can’t run this program if we installed MacOS 10.15 because the system is not compatible yet. Although the program is quite powerful, it also has one drawback. That is not recovering the data in its fullness. Thus, we have to be prepared, especially if the data that we wish to recover has a big size.

Despite its one drawback, Data Rescue still has many advantages that most of us need. That’s why, many still seek this program for rescuing lost data, especially for Mac users.

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