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Nowadays, our everyday lives revolve around computers as every little thing starts to get computerized. Thus, this increases the probability for us to lose files, either from our own mistake or the computer’s error. But, we shouldn’t panic, as Drill Disk can answer that problem.

About Disk Drill

Developed by CleverFiles, Disk Drill became the standard for file recovery software. This is that the program has a wide range of use, from personal home use until business purposes. For that reason, many seek help when some files are missing. Here are the things that we should know about this program:

1. Free, Up to 500 MB

The first thing that we should understand about this program is that it offers free recovery up until 500 MB. Thus, if we only need to recover several missing files, then rest assured we don’t have to pay for the service. But if we need more than that, then we have to upgrade to the Pro version.

2. Quick and Deep Scan

Just like any other recovery programs, this program also offers a couple of scanning methods. We can use Quick Scan if the file that we’re looking for doesn’t have a huge size and it misses only in recent times. Meanwhile, if we need to recover a huge-sized file that was lost for a while, then it will be more satisfying to use Deep Scan.

3. Support Many File Systems

Each computer has its own file system and we can’t request only a certain of the file system that should go missing. For that reason, this program supports many different kinds of file systems. From NTSF, FAT, EXT, HFS+, and many more.

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4. Take a Look on Any Drive

Just like the previous point, that we can’t ask on the certain disk that the files can go missing. Thus, this program also can search for missing files in any different drives. We can scan for the system disks or even from external drives such as USB drives and memory cards.

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5. Available for Both Windows and Mac

Among computer users, Windows and Mac dominated the market. Therefore, CleverFiles offers the program for both Windows and Mac. For Windows, it is available for a wide range, from XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Meanwhile, for the Mac OS, there’s an available program that is compatible with Mac OS X.

Reasons Why Many Love It

The first reason why many love Disk Drill is its user-friendly interface. Thus, we don’t have to be an expert to operate the program. What we have to do is only install the program and recover our missing files from the computer on our own. For a moment, we can pretend that we’re the experts on our own.

The Shortcomings

Although many love Disk Drill and pick it as the best choice for the file recovery program, it also has some shortcomings. For example, despite its user-friendly interface, it’s hard to pinpoint on the filetypes selection. Further, the result can be a mess depending on the file. If we’re lucky and organize our files meticulously, then we won’t face any great deal.

Another thing that bothers about the FAQ page of this program. Because several questions are far from what we actually need to be there in the first place. Therefore, it was a waste of space that the developer should ask the more proper question that people are really often looking for.

Even if there are some shortcomings, Disk Drill still becomes a good recommendation for a trustworthy file recovery program. Moreover, for non-expert users, then the easy to use of this program’s interface can be a great help. Further, we can face the disadvantages since they’re not really fatal.

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