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There are times when you coincidentally delete the important files or folders. Before, if you’ve done this, you can only lament on your carelessness or misfortune. Even so, your files won’t ever come back and will be gone forever. However, nowadays you won’t have to worry that much when you lose the data on your PC or Smartphone. And all thanks to the creation of DiskDigger, an application that can recover all of your deleted files.

What’s DiskDigger

Basically DiskDigger is a software that allows you to recover all of the data you’ve deleted. It can recover the deleted files, even the system files. You can use DiskDigger to recover the data once you lost it in the hard drive or the external storage. However, if you want to recover the data from external storage, you should connect it to the PC. It is available in all of the operating systems such as Android, Windows, and macOS.

The Features Of DiskDigger

If you use DiskDigger in Android, you won’t find a thing such as features. However, it’s a different story if you’re running it on PC. DiskDigger performs the best performance on the PC as it has two choices for recovering the files.

1. Dig Deep

One of the modes in DiskDigger is the dig deep. You can choose this mode if you want to recover the files that you deleted recently. Moreover, this mode can recover the files with large storage space such as videos. However, you can’t scan the free space in the selected drive.

2. Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper mode is the advanced mode of DiskDigger. You can use this mode if you want to recover the files especially the one with small storage space, for example, the photos. And unlike the dig deep mode, dig deeper mode will scan your entire disk thoroughly. Nevertheless, when using this mode it can’t differentiate between the existing files and the deleted ones.

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What’s So Good About DiskDigger

If talking about recovery software, DiskDigger is not the only app that can recover the files. Even so, there are many people that use this app. They choose DiskDigger because it has several advantages compared to other apps.

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One of the benefits of using DIskDigger especially for the PC is its small size. You don’t need to prepare a large storage space to be able to run this software. As it has a small size, it won’t burden your computer’s performance.

The other advantage of DiskDigger is that it is easy to use. When you want to recover the lost files, you can use this app pretty easily. There are only three steps to get your files that once you delete. Those steps are selecting the drive, then selecting the type of the files and the last click next to let the software search for the files.

The Drawback of DiskDigger

Although DiskDIgger is very easy to use and doesn’t take up much storage space, there are some drawbacks to this app. While it may be not too much, it can also make you uncomfortable using this app.  The drawback of this app is that it can’t recover all of the type files. It has a list of type files that can be recovered. And when the files you want to recover don’t exist in the list, you will not find it no matter how you search it.

The bug that sometimes occurs makes this app disliked by some people. The bug of this app makes you unable to recover the lost files. And even if you can recover them, sometimes they’re corrupted so you can’t use them anymore.

As the recovery software, DiskDigger may not run perfectly. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best recovery apps out of there. So, it’s your choice whether you will use it or not recover your lost files.

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