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Preventing an issue is always better than having to treat the issue, especially when it has happened. One of the main problems that many people face on the Macs is hard drive corruption. Usually, this will happen when you upgrade or update your system into a higher one. Or it can suddenly occur when your Mac doesn’t complete a Start, therefore the desktop will not appear. If this kind of issue occurs, then it is best to start using DiskWarrior to solve your problems.

The main function of DiskWarrior is to help save your hard drive on your Mac. This is to prevent additional damages and lost data due to the broken hard drive. However, people must know that Diskwarrior can’t replace deleted or formatted drives on their software. It only repairs the hard drive so that people can normally use their computers again. So, what can it do the computer and what do the computers need to make it work?

1. Repair Hard Disk/ Hard Drive

When your computer is becoming strange and starting to slow down, then it is time to use this software. Usually, one of the signs that your PC is starting to get a virus is your PC starts to slow down. Or usually, your computer becomes strange and the error keeps on occurring. Therefore, before it becomes worse, you should install the software on your PC and get it fixed. You can use a CD/DVD drive to install the software into your PC. Or you can also download the software online.

2. Scan for Hard Drives

Even if you don’t want to repair your hard disk/ hard drive, you can still scan the whole drive to see if there is any damage. Sometimes people are not aware that their drives have some issues, therefore it becomes worse. Therefore, you can install the software on your computer just to scan the hard disk and see if there is any broken drive. This can prevent your drive from becoming worse and losing your important data. So, after you install the software onto your computer, you can choose the option scan. This process is very quick and will not slow down or interrupt any of your activities on your computer.

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3. Get Reports

After the scanning process, you will also get a report on what the software has found. The report will inform the locations and files that are corrupted or have damages. In the report, people can also see whether the problem has been fixed or not by the software. If not, they will suggest what people must do to fix the issue. Usually, problems that are still there need a paid version of the software. Buying the paid version can be a bit expensive, but it will be useful for your computer in the future.

4. Easy Steps & Process

Another great advantage of this software is that it is very easy to use. People just need to follow the steps that are available in every process of the system. In each process you choose, there will be a guide and steps on what you need to do. It will also show the location or the signs that you need to press. So, even though you don’t understand the computer too much, you can still process it.

5. Available Software

The software is available in versions 4 & 5, both having the same function but different features. However, the 4.4 version in 2012 is available in most Mac computers. This version can run on Mac OS X and all Mac systems until Mac 5. If you have a lower version than that, it is better not to use them on your high computer system. As for the 5 version it is better to use the most updated system to prevent slow reactions.

The steps in rebuilding and repairing your hard drive using DiskWarrior is very simple. The only minus thing is the scanning and repairing will take sometimes, especially if you have a big memory. However, it is recommended to use rather than getting a new hard drive which can cost more expensive and complicated. Your data will not get lost and you can do it on your own.

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