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Nowadays, there are available a lot of file formats even if it just a picture, video, or audio. The different format usually has an impact on its quality. However, because of so many different formats, our device sometimes did not support to open it. It makes us need an application to change the file format. One of the most famous applications in this field is Format Factory.

Chen Jun Hao is the developer of this application. Honestly, we need an application to change the file formats is just to make it more efficient. Similarly, it can change the file format into another format that can be opened in our device. Moreover, with Format Factory, we don’t need to install other applications to open some files.

Format Factory Features

This application is very useful but there are not many people who understand the function. The main feature of this application is to change one file format into another one. But, have you ever thought about other advantages of this application compared with others? Here are some.

1. Equipped with 66 Different Languages

One of the best features of Format Factory is in available language. This feature makes us can easily use the application even though we come from different countries. So, it is not surprising when this application becomes one of the most used applications in this world Besides, you can also change the language if you don’t understand it.

2. Can be Downloaded for Free

If another application offers its features with some cost, this application is available for free. However, you can use this application for free without any limit in formatting. We don’t need to use a free trial, just use it as much as we need. It is good for you who need to convert many files to different formats.

3. Support a Lot of Different Formats

The difference of the application sometimes did not help us much because it is getting more confusing. One file type can have more than 5 different formats and it needs a different application to open. For example in audio, the files can have a format .mp3, .wav, .wma, .mid, and .amr. But you can easily change the file format into another one with this application. You can choose a lot of different formats like the popular one, .flv.

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Format Factory Latest Version

4. Performance

This application has great performance depends on how big the files we want to convert. If we convert the small one, it will be ready within one minute but it getting slower if the files are bigger. On the other hand, this application offers us different qualities that are suitable for our needs. It was a great feature in free application.

5. Needs Small Available Room

As a very useful application, Format Factory didn’t need a big spec device to install. This application only needs around 50 MB of free space on your PC to install. On the other hand, it can be installed on Windows XP, the oldest program of Windows. It makes this application can work well in every device.

6. Available a Timer

While we converted many files with a big size, it will need a long time until it’s done. It will be so boring when we should wait for a long time to shut down our computer. But, don’t need to worry again because this application had one best feature, a timer. We can set up a timer to turn off the computer automatically when converted is done.

Well, these are some of the features of Format Factory we can take. But, this application also has some weaknesses. One of them is this application needs a big available RAM while converted the file format. It will be caused lag on your PC so you can’t do it together with another activity on your PC.

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