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Have you ever faced double or even more problems with your PC at one time? Like forgetting your password, then losing some of the important data on your computer? It is like everything is going wrong just in one time and making things frustrating. These problems can be solved by software for each problem, but this will surely take some time. Therefore, to solve this kind of problem, it is best to find software that can solve your issues at once. One of the all in one recovery software is the Lazesoft Recovery Suite.

This is a software that has many functions to help you solve your problems with your computer. Just by installing and using Lazesoft Recovery Suite, you can solve some problems at the same time in quick time too. The software is available for all Windows systems starting from 7-10 and Windows Vista/XP. For those wondering, there is a free version of the Lazesoft Recovery software. However, you can also purchase the paid version with different ranges, according to what you need. So, what kind of problems can the Lazesoft software solve and how are the steps?

What To Know About Lazesoft Recovery Suite

1. Bootable Recovery CD

This wizard will help people create a bootable recovery CD that can restore operating systems to your computer. No matter whether your computer has been crashed or attacked by malware, the software is still able to help. The first thing you must do is download and install the software on any working computer. Then choose the Bootable Media Builder in the options that appear. The steps on how to burn a bootable recovery CD will be explained in detail in the Wizard. To help with the process, there are also pictures available to show the menu.

2. Administrator Password Recovery

It is very normal for people to forget their Windows Password, especially if you have many passwords. After downloading the Lazesoft software, choose the password recovery menu. You will then have to choose your computer’s window and choose the administrator account. Click next and you will see a window containing the full name and description. On the bottom part, choose the reset/ unlock button and click that option. Your administrator password will then reset and you will have to make a new one. However, after this process, make sure to restart your computer again to access the account again.

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Lazesoft Recovery Suite Latest Version

3. Restore Lost/Corrupted Data

The next problem that Lazesoft Recovery Suite can solve is deleted or lost files reformatted partitions and many more. This software is designed specifically to recover data in a fast and simple way. Before starting to recover, make sure not to add or delete any file during the process. In the beginning menu of the software, choose File Recovery/ Partition Recovery. To get started there will be 4 options of recovery from the fast scan, undelete, informant, and deep scan. The type of recovery mode depends on the type of file you want to recover.

4. Clone Entire Disk for Backup

If you are having limited space in your disk, making it hard to operate the system, then use Lazesoft Recovery Suite. This software will help you transfer all the data to a larger hard disk safely and quickly. You can do it the normal and traditional way, but it is long and takes time. Therefore, clone the disk using the software to get a faster and accurate process.

5. Window Crash

Normally every computer will have a computer crash on their PC, once or more in a week. Usually, after this happens, Windows won’t be able to operate normally. If this happens, all you need to do is choose the Windows Recovery option. The steps in the wizard are very detailed and it will help until your Window starts.

These are the 5 main functions of the Lazesoft Recovery Suite software. However, not all of them are available on the free version, especially the advanced ones. To use the advanced ones, you will need to upgrade your software to a paid version to get more features.

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