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Losing data and files because of many kinds of reasons is a normal problem that many people face. Usually, people lose their data because of OS issues, hard disk sectors, and sometimes they mistakenly erase it. Even though this kind of situation can be shocking, you don’t need to worry because this issue can be solved by MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This complete software can help people recover their lost data and files from any devices, even if the devices are broken.

There are two versions of the software, free and paid version like any other software. For those who don’t need to search for too many files, then the free version is more than enough. Even though it is a free version, the software is still complete compared to other software. As for the function, the only difference is the amount of data that you get to search. MiniTool Power Data Recovery’s main function is to recover files; however, they have more functions than that. So, what are the other functions of this software that people must be aware of?

What To Know About MiniTool Power Data Recovery

1. Recover Deleted Files

As informed, the main function of the software is to recover deleted files. Whether the files were on your PC, flash disk, or even hard disk it is still possible to get them back. The software also supports many kinds of the system such as FAT 12, VFAT, and NTFS on their system. So, it is quite complete for a free version of the software. The process to recover your deleted files is also simple and easy. On every step, there will be a direction of what you need to do until you get your deleted files back.

2. Lost Partition Recovery

If a section of a memory device is broken or disappears, you can use this software to recover it back. All you need to do is make sure that the device is plugged on the computer. Therefore, the software can help scan the device to recover it back for you.

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3. Damaged Partition Recovery

One of the main reasons why people lose their data is because of the damaged hard disk. When this problem occurs, people usually have a hard time opening their disk causing lost data. If this happens, you can also use the MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover your hard disk. Even if you can’t access it, the software will help. Therefore, hopefully using this software you can get access back to your hard disk and get your data back.

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4. Digital Media Recovery

This function is focused to help you recover your audio, picture, and movie files that you have on storage devices. Whether they are on your memory card, flash disk, mp3 player, it is all possible to fix. However, try to remember where you had it last to make the process faster. Compared to the other process, this recovery process usually takes the longest time.

5. CD/DVD Recovery

It may not be the season for CD/DVD anymore, but this software can also recover files on CD/ DVD. Even undetected CDs can be fixed and recover your data back. A DVD-RW that you have formatted can also be recovered without deleting the written file on it. All you need to do is make sure to save the file that you want to recover to a different location on your PC.

These are some of the main functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery that you can get when you download it. Overall, the process of each function is also very easy and simple to follow. The software is also available for both IOS and Windows systems, so anyone can install it on their PC. So, if you lose your data, don’t panic and try this software to help.

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