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Losing files and media on your PC is something common that happens to almost anyone. Or lost data from a device such as flash disk and memory card us also very often. It is quite disappointing if you can’t get the files back, especially if they are important and memorable. However, these days there is almost nothing impossible, including recovering files that have been erased. PC INSPECTOR File Recovery is one of the software that can bring back your lost files. Whether the files are on your PC or other media, you can still recover them easily.

The main function of the software is to save the hard disk and its file if anything happens to the hard disk. One of the advantages of this software is it can identify the hard disk even though it is broken or corrupted by a virus. Therefore, you can still get your files and data that are available on that hard disk without worrying that it will disappear. Here is more to know about the PC INSPECTOR File Recovery:

What To Know About PC INSPECTOR File Recovery

1. Free to Download

To use this file, all you need to do is download the software and install it on your PC. You don’t need to pay for it because it is all free. The software comes in a complete package that can recover all lost data without having to pay. So, no wonder this is one of the best-recommended software people use.

2. Recover Deleted Files

One of the main functions of PC INSPECTOR File Recovery can work to recover your deleted files. The steps on how to get them back are very easy and simple to follow. If you lost them on a device, make sure the device is also plugged on your computer. If possible, choose the most detailed location where you erased the data. This will help the recovery process faster rather than just choosing one general location.

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3. Find Lost Data

The next function of the software is finding lost data on your computer that you can’t find. Sometimes because of a virus, data can disappear and be hidden in a certain folder. Or usually, this happens because of quick-formatting and system crashes. Therefore, to help you, you can use this software to find the files. Try to remember the latest location of the file, the detail the better. During the scanning process, you will see many data that you can recover. Just choose the file that you want and save them back.

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4. Find Lost Drive

The third function of the software is finding lost drives on your PC. Overall, the steps are just the same as recovering deleted files and finding lost data. All you need is to choose the physical drive and the location you want to save it in. The steps in the guide are very detailed so you will not find any difficulty in finding a lost drive on your PC.

5. Small Size

Another great advantage of this software is that the size is not too big, so it doesn’t take too much space. Installing the software doesn’t slow down anything either, so you can do other activities on your PC during the scan. Because of the small size, this software can also be installed in almost all PC systems. So, whichever type of system you are using on your PC, you can use it.

Overall the PC INSPECTOR File Recovery is a great software to help you with your problems. There are 3 functions available and, in each function, there are steps on how to do it. However, the best part is that you can download the software for free without any payments.

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