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Thanks to technology people now can take pictures and videos every day with their handphones. Moreover, they would not need to print out their pictures because they could save it in their gadget. If their gadget is full, they could move their photo to their computer. When keeping the files in any gadgets, people should also have the PhotoRec application on their computer. It is an application to recover the digital photos in gadgets, starting from handphones, computers, and others. PhotoRec is a companion program to TestDisk.

Sometimes people would get some trouble with losing their files. Moreover, they could also get their file broken and not able to open and use it again. With this application, people would be able to save their files in these conditions. But before going forward, here are some things to know about PhotoRec. As additions, there are also some of the benefits from the app.

What To Know About PhotoRec

1. Steps on How to Use PhotoRec

The first to do to get the app is to download and install the app on the gadget. After that choose the disk where the file is missing or broken. There are several actions that people could choose. Starting from searching, recovering, and processing.

The next step is to select a partition, whether it is a free or a whole one. After that, the program would either restore or do the activity that is told. The other great thing about the app is that it could detect viruses on the files as well.

2. The Operating System

The app would run best when it is on the computer. Like other apps, it would need a specific requirement. The second thing to know about PhotoRec is the operating system. the app can run on many systems. Starting from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, and even Mac.

In normal apps, people would use ReiserFS to make the performance better. However, when using ReiserFS, it is not recommended to use it together. That is why for those who use PhotoRec, it is not required to use ReiserFS as well.

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PhotoRec Latest Version

3. The Pros and Cons

Besides the benefits of the app, there is also some weakness from the PhotoRec. For the benefits, the app can restore in big and many devices like on the previous point. Moreover, with PhotoRec people would be able to restore, find, search, and save not only pictures. But people would also be able to save other kinds of files as well.

As for the weakness of the app, some things are not capable of. For example, even though the app can recover 100%. This means that people would still lose some of their files. Besides that, the app might be a little difficult for some people to follow and to run.

4. The Secure App

When talking about files, some people would feel insecure especially when people need to process their files. That includes when they need to recover their files. The next thing to know about PhotoRec is that the app is 100% safe to use. Moreover, people would not the process would not take space in memory.

5. The Medias of PhotoRec

The app is not only able to recover and restore files on a computer such as the hard disks. But it is also able for other external memories, like CD-ROM, secure digital, memory stick, USB memories, and others. Moreover, the app is also capable of other devices. For example, Canon Digital Camera, Sony Alpha, Fujifilm, Casio, Nikon, Olympus, and more.

Losing pictures and files might be terrifying. But people now do not need to worry because of the apps that could save them. PhotoRec is a great app for people to use. Moreover, the things about PhotoRec above are not that difficult for people to understand.

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