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Do you want to know one of the most popular programs downloaded by people? PhotoScape Portable is the answer for those who are dreaming of an amazing photo editor. Seeing from the name is “portable”, so it is easy to carry like the other software. You don’t need to bring your device all the time. Get the app now inside your USB stick, then, feel the experience of easiness to edit and print your work anywhere and anytime.

PhotoScape Portable is a desktop application for photo editing. This software is free and very user-friendly, no matter if you are a pro or an amateur. By using this program, you can get more than editing, because it also allows you to create and manage photo albums as you want. Are those things not enough for you? Hold on, this program has a lot of things you should know. Here is the awesomeness of this software:

Photoscape Portable Features

1. User Interface Design

You will agree with people’s opinion that the PhotoScape Portable look is very user-friendly. Once you open the program, you will see a round-shaped menu. That is where you can access all the tools you need, such as a screen capture tool, file renamer, RAW converter until the tools that support you to make an animated GIF. Also, it is easy to find the other functions, like contrast setting, vignetting, sharpen or decolor the image, cloning, and other image parameters.

2. Professional Key Features

This software is strongly related to something that enables you to fix and enhance photos. That is why the developer had designed so many features. The key features are for editing (color adjustment, backlight correction, adding text, cropping, red-eye removal, and etc.), splitter (to slice photo into pieces), color picker, face search (allow you to find similar face from the internet), page (merge multiple photos into one final result), and many more.

3. Printing Options

As we mentioned above that PhotoScape Portable allows you to print your work. Surprisingly, this program doesn’t only print just like you think. It offers you various qualities of printing, so you can adjust the result based on your wants and needs. The adjustment is based on image quality (starts from the lowest to the highest), changing the color of the image, the frame and distance too.

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Photoscape Portable Latest Version

4. Allow for Photo Sharing

In this digital era when people love to share everything on social media, you must want to do the same thing. PhotoScape Portable allows you to share your work through social media. On the other hand, if you find an interesting image from Flickr, you can easily import it. So, you can do editing for that image just like the other images. No difference, the same experience for any photo resources.

5. No Complicated Setting

Perhaps sometimes you get a complicated setting once you finished downloading a program. This won’t happen in you when setting the software. After you get it free, you can directly install it without using a significant system resource. If you are still confused about the setting, there are video tutorials. All things have been prepared to set a familiar and intuitive process.

As a conclusion, PhotoScape Portable is a perfect application to have in your device. Even though it can run in any computer configuration, you should a little bit aware when you have Win95, Win98, and WinMe. This program probably doesn’t support those systems anymore, so you have to make sure your computer first. Find more details of information and various problem solving by joining the forum. There are many forums which help each other to figure out about this program. Also, you can know the updated features too here.

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