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Windows and Mac are maybe the most familiar system that people use on their PC. Most PC and laptops do come with these systems and they work just fine. However, other than these two there is another system that not many people might know is Linux. Overall, the function of the system is just like other systems such as Windows and Mac. The system is more tough and durable from viruses, so you rarely face problems on your PC. However, problems can still happen, and it is still possible to lose your files even using Linux. If you are a Linux user and facing this problem, you can consider R-Linux to help your problems.

Like Linux, not many people know R-Linux, because it is also designed especially for Linux users, although R-Linux has been developed for the Windows OS. R-Linux is a file recovery software for the Ext2/3/4FS file system that is for Linux and Windows OS. It is a lite version of the more powerful utility that people might know, R-Studio. Even though this is a lite version, the software will help recover your lost data or because of system issues. To know more, here are the features and the benefits of the software you should know:

What To Know About R-Linux

1. Unique Intelligent Scan

One of the advantages of this software compared to other software is the unique scan technology. With this technology, almost all kinds of files can be found in a quick time. Even though you have tons of files, with the intelligent scan, the software will give the fastest data recovery. And this applies to all kinds of file records that are lost whether erased data or broken partitions. Through the scanning, the software will also show what kinds of data they have found hidden. Therefore, you may see other data that you might also need.

2. Support many Devices

Whether you lose your files on your PC or other devices, you can still get them back using this software. This lite version supports almost all kinds of devices from HD, CD, DVD, floppy disk to ZIP drive. You name it and they will fix the devices to get your data back. Just make sure you don’t lose the device because it will need to be scanned on the software.

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R-Linux Latest Version

3. Recover Files of Damaged/ Deleted Partitions

Even if your partitions are damaged or deleted, you can still get it back with R-Linux. Usually, without knowing, your hard disk is full of viruses and your files disappear. Or suddenly a system crash, making your computer to blank out and losing your data. Well, you can also solve this by using a CD/ portable device and plugging it on your PC to help recover. This process is a bit longer but it is still possible to recover.

4. Free to Download

This version is a free version or lite version of the R-Studio, so it is free to download. Make sure to download the software from a reliable link to prevent the virus. However, even though this is a free version, the features inside this software are complete and capable enough. If your problems are quite simple, then the lite version will be enough to solve your problems. Whereas, if your problems are too hard, then it is best to purchase R- Studio.

5. Lite Version – Small Size

Another great advantage is the size of the software. The size isn’t too big, so it will not have too much space on your computer either. The software will not make any process slow down or disturb your activities when you use it too.

So, those using Linux and Windows systems on their PC can consider installing R-Linux on their PC. Even if you don’t have any problems, the software can help detect corrupted files that you might notice. So, you don’t need to wait until you lose a file to download this software.

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