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Losing an important file and need it back in a hurry? Don’t be panic. Here is Recuva. Your savior in this emergency time. This incredible software can support you. It can restore your deleted file or finding the hidden or lost document for free.

After installing this program on your computer, you will only need some minutes to wait for the program to scan all of your files. No need to spend more time or typing lots of scripts to find the lost files anymore. To make you sure about how incredible this program is, below is the review.

Recuva Free Features

1. Recover Deleted Files

The most important function of this software is to recover deleted files. Sometimes you may delete important files accidentally. For example when your computer feels so slow and you delete big files in a hurry. You didn’t realize that this big file would be important in the future.

With this software, you can undo your deleted files. It can restore any type of file, such as image, document, music, and etc. With Recuva, you don’t need to worry about damaging this file. Another recover software sometimes can get back the file but damage it. So the file still can not be used or read. It means the file still becomes useless.

2. Find The Forgotten Files

The second benefit of using this software is to find the forgotten files. Recuva can do a deep scan to find them when you need them. And the most important thing is the process is so fast. Sometimes faster than the default finder from the windows itself. This is a useful function that people need sometimes. You won’t regret installing this software because it has those unique and useful function.

3. Recover From Damaged Disk

You can recover not only from the computer but also from the damaged disk such as flash disk, external hard disk, and even SD card. If you lost some files from that removable disk, just connect them to your computer. After that, click the searching area, choose the type of file and scan them. Wait some minutes and the program will give you a report. You can use the file again directly after the program found it for you. The file won’t be broken or damaged because the restore system is good.

Recuva Free Latest Version

4. Tiny Size

The next good thing about Recuva is the size. This useful program has a tiny size. So even your computer space is no longer big, you still can download, use, and run this program perfectly. This program also works well with CCleaner which comes from the same developer, Piriform. For a high-value program like Recuva, this size is a lot smaller than the same program which usually sized more than 100 MB. For the latest update, the program size is only 5 MB.

5. Only Need Minutes To Recover Files

The fifth thing you must know about this smart program is about the speed of their work. You don’t need to wait for hours to let the program recover your lost file. It only took a few minutes. Recuva works systematically so it won’t consume more time. The speed which is fast enough compared to another same function software not make the result bad. All files which restored can be read and use well, just like it has never been erased.

6. User-Friendly

You don’t need to type some complicated script to restore the lost file. Simply click the button and the program will work. The designer makes the most user-friendly program for you. It’s simple, not much button in it and you can find what you need easily.

Overall, this program is doing a great job. It is recommended for every computer, especially for you who likes to save a lot of files. Recuva can get back whatever you accidentally delete. Any document, spreadsheet, important business presentation, or anything else. And you must know that the size is small enough to be in your full space computer.  Install this program and never worry about lost any important file anymore.

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