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Some people might be confused in choosing the best web browser to finish their task. Well, nowadays you have a number of options, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and even Microsoft’s Edge browser. They are coming to the competition by offering you its special features. Also, each of them has safety until a unique design that claims can help your work. However, Safari web browser is still the best choice as our recommendation.

The Safari web browser gives you a complete experience to browse the internet. There is no one can beat Safari if we are talking about the improvement time by time. Just say what we are wishing for the browser, Safari has its own standard, such as the bookmarks, a password manager, until private browsing option feature. On the other hand, privacy is the main thing offered by Safari. That is why people should not have hesitation anymore for this web browser.

Safari Web Browser Features

Most impression from many people about Safari web browser is simple and minimalistic. They are falling in love with the interface. Indeed, there is no other user-friendly interface than Safari. We can enjoy internet surfing without any interruption. Once you face a problem, Safari provides the best customer service support from an email, telephone, and FAQ list. There are also an online forum and online user guides that can be found on its website. For further details about this amazing web browser, see our discussion below:

1. Safari Safety and Privacy

We have mentioned at a glance about the Safari safety at the opening. In this part, we want to tell you more about it. The safety is so impressive because it is able to recognize about the phishing schemes and dangerous sites. When you are potentially harmed by the malware, Safari will warn you. Furthermore, Safari can’t let you delete your history so people can’t detect your activities in the past. Moreover, with the upgraded feature, Safari protects you from online tracking companies and third-party cooking checking.

2. Safari Interface

Alright, you might already know that the Safari interface is so clear. But, let us explain more about it. Besides Safari provides standard tools, it also gives you a Reading List. The Reading List is very helpful when you need to access a page, but you have no internet connection. Because the Reading List saves every page you have opened as offline. Once you open the Reading List, it will appear and accessible anytime.

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Safari Web Browser Latest Version

3. Safari Speed

The other factor that people consider from a web browser is the speed. Safari is fast enough for your daily tasks. You can try its performance by opening some tabs or playing videos from YouTube. You will be thankful for its speed so you no need to wait for the buffering. When you do a comparison between Chrome and Firefox, you might find several seconds different. But it doesn’t make Safari less value as the web browser. Because the gap is not significant.

4. Safari System Resource Management

Another way to measure web browser performance is from its way to manage the system resource. It doesn’t like Chrome which strains on the system when it is tested. But the performance is nearly the same as good as Firefox. The usage is under control, so Safari manages the usage very well and efficiently.

5. Safari Extension

Even though Safari’s market is not as wide as Firefox or Chrome, Safari is able to fulfill your needs. For example, for the library. When you want to translate one page from a certain foreign language, Safari can automatically do this. The Safari library extension is a very valuable tool that makes you get the most browsing experience.

Currently, the Safari web browser is getting better than ever. You might feel different from your experience in exploring before. No matter what you are doing online, Safari guarantees you the personal browsing experience that suits your condition.

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