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Without anyone’s wishes, an accident can happen. Including, unintentionally deleting our media files. Most of the time, we only can regret the actions that lead to the result. But actually, we don’t have to worry since there’s Stellar Photo Recovery.

Coming from Stellar Data Recovery Inc. – a world-wide India based corporation, Photo Recovery can bring back our deleted media files. From photos, music, until video files. Therefore, we don’t have to torment ourselves anymore.

How Does It work?

By its name, we can get the message clear, that Stellar Photo Recovery can help in recovering photos. Not only photos but also music and videos as well. The good news about this program doesn’t stop there. Because the program also can recover files because of deletion, file corrupt, virus, inaccessible drives, and even formatting.

What we have to do is install this program and run it on our PC. Then scan the drive that we wish to recover through the program – even from encrypted drives. After that, we can choose to keep scanning for the whole data or only until the ones that we need retrieving.

Why Use Stellar Photo Recovery?

Compared to its peers, the Stellar Photo Recovery is the front runner among others. This is that the program has numerous advantages. Here are the advantages that the program offers:

1. Recover Any File Formats

Just like mentioned, this program doesn’t only stop in recovering lost photos, but also the other media files like music and videos. The program even supports raw photo files from numerous cameras and not just the usual computer file version. Meanwhile, for the video and audio files, it can also retrieve any kind of files as well.

2. Recover Unicode File

One thing that often hits us hard is that the recovery program can’t reach the BitLocker encrypted drives, partition, or volumes. But we don’t have to face the same fate. Because this program can bypass the encryption and recover our media files.

Stellar Photo Recovery Logo

3. Comprehensive Scanning

Most of the time, we have to do the whole scanning process before we can comb to look for the files that we’re looking for. But with this recovery program, we can choose whether to deep scan (means the whole scanning) or stop right there and then once the files appear.

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4. SMART Information

Not only helping in looking for our lost media files, but the Stellar also put its SMART information in the program. The SMART technology can let us know about the condition of our disk temperature and health. With the result, we can know how the drive condition. Thus, we can put on a backup plan to avoid any data loss because of the condition.

5. More than 6 TB Recovery

From the current precedents that happen, the other program in the market often failed with a large-sized file. But that’s different from this Stellar innovation. Because the Photo Recovery can bring back the media files up to 6 TB in size from recent loss until the permanently deleted ones.

The Requirements

To install the Stellar Photo Recovery, we should have 250 MB memory space in the hard disk for the program to run. Then, for the operation system, it requires Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and even XP. Meanwhile for the memory, it minimum asks for 2 GB, but 4 GB is more recommended with Intel as the running processor.

Although the required system mentioned was Windows, this Photo Recovery also available for Mac. Not to mention, there are 5 available languages (English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish) that will make us more comfortable when using the program. Thus, with numerous advantages, it will be waste not to choose this program to recover our media files.

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