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Make an outstanding animation work by using a software called Synfig Studio. Synfig makes you able to design an animation from the front-end with any complexity. No matter the system that you use, whether it is Windows, Linux, or OSX, this program can perform very well. Also, the other good news is that this program is free and open-source. So, everybody can have it to wrap their work.

Thanks to Robert Quattlebaum who created this program. Also, for Adrian Bentley who contributed to help Robert. Since it was first launched in 2005 as an open software under the GNU General Public License, the developers committed to creating a program that allows its users to produce a high-quality animation without many people needed. Thus, the tools are really comprehensive, even though you are a newbie. Below are further benefits from Synfig Studio that you should know:

Synfig Studio Features

1. Automatic Tweening

Continuing from the previous statement about the commitment from Synfig. If you use this program, you don’t have to draw each and every frame. This makes your work is more effective and saves time. Synfig Studio has the automatic tweening process, it will set your character in two frames which are the 0th and the 16th. For the next frame, Synfig figures it out will be, so, no more time for tweening.

2. Drawing Tools

The animation is all about drawing. Synfig Studio knows how to answer your needs by providing great tools. There are several tools you might be familiar with at the upper left corner. You will see the tools like paint bucket, generate rectangles and ellipses, and many more. The properties panel will appear, no matter where you click on the object whether in the canvas or layer panel. Through the Panel’s properties, you will know each shape you draw.

Synfig Studio Latest Version

3. Easy Installation

The developer had created this program in various formats. No matter what kind of formats you download, all are easy to install. Actually, if you take this program from their official site, they give you two options: the stable and the development version. The stable version has been well-tested with various features, it is suitable for everyday use. While the development version is the best way to get the latest update, both on bug fixes and features.

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4. Layers and Filters

There are more than 50 layers that allow you to create the artwork and animation. No need to worry about the complexity of your dream result. You can choose from its layers, such as distortions, filters, geometric, transformations, fractals, many others. Not all animation program can do these jobs. If you use this program, just add more layers to add effects and animation tricks. Also, there is an advanced control that allows you to create advanced character and dynamic structures. Within’ this feature, you can link layers directly with mathematical expressions.

5. Tutorials and Documentations

If you are still confused about this program, don’t worry. The Synfig Studio developer has prepared a vast and genuinely pack of tutorials and documentation. You can just access the “Synfig Wiki” where you can find the User Documentations, like manual, tutorials, reference, and glossary. The other contents are the Developer Documentation and Writer Documentation. But you don’t need to see the other, because all your problem’s solutions are in User Documentation. Go to the “Manual” and “Tutorials” sections, then solve the questions you have.

To conclude all the benefits above, one thing for sure you get from Synfig Studio is a professional 2D animation program. Thus, you might face some confusing tools, but there are manual and tutorials that will help you a lot. Even though you are the starter, it is easy to understand. Also, don’t forget to keep in mind that this program is Open Source software. So, prepare yourself for any updates and new features because the developer team of Synfig works really well.

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