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Have you ever experienced that your data on your computer had been lost immediately? If the answer is yes that things make you so anxious and get a panic attack, right? But, don’t worry about that because you can use data recovery software. One of them is TestDisk software.

The data recovery software is helping you to restore the data. So, the lost data can restore and recover with this software. TestDisk is one of the hundreds of data recovery software which can be your savior. This software is made for recovering the lost data caused by human error or viruses. Also, it helps you to gather all the data corrupted.

It was developed in 1996 by Christophe Grenier as the developer. TestDisk is open-source software. It helps you to recover all data storage even the lost partitions data. Also, it can be rebooted in the non-booting disk. In case there is a human error such as you accidentally delete the data, this software will support you to recover it all easily.

TestDisk Features

As a powerful recovery data software, TestDisk has some features that are so useful. It is famous because of the ability to recover and restore the data. So, there are three features that you should know about it as follows:

1. Supporting Six Operating Systems

To use this software, there is a license from GNU General Public License before you use it. This software is supporting several types of operating systems. There are six operating systems supporting TestDisk as follows: DOS, Microsoft, Linux, BSD, SunOS, and macOS. For the trial testing, it was used the first time in Linux. The result is amazing, this software can recover all the data in corrupted storage.

2. Recovering Data From Deleted Storage and Partition Table

Then, you will think about how about the data inside the partition table? Don’t worry, TestDisk also can recover the data in some disk partitioning. There are five types of partition tables that use TestDisk for recovery as follows: Apple partition, GUID partition table, Intel partition table (especially master boot record), Sun Solari’s slice, and Xbox fixed partitioning scheme.

3. Rebuilding Booting Sector

The important things are the booting sector. TestDisk can rebuild the broken booting sector. By rebuilding the NTFS boot sector, it also recovers the lost data backup. So, you do not need to reboot a hundred times because sometimes the booting process takes a few hours. Using this software, it rebuilds the booting sector.

TestDisk Latest Version

Pros and Cons Using TestDisk

TestDisk is a new software that needs to be reviewed. It has some opinions about how good and how bad this software is. The opinions about the pros and cons are based on the experience of the people who used it.

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1. Pros of TestDisk

The pros of using TestDisk are to bring benefits to you. So, besides it can help you to recover and restore the data. There are three points why does TestDisk as recovery data tool as follows:

  • Affordable Price. TestDisk is open-source software. It means that this software you can get free by downloading on a trustworthy website. Whether it is free, the developer is opening the donation for the development of this software so it can be better than the last version.
  • Operating Systems Support. The operating systems that support this software are six operating systems. There are DOS, Microsoft, Linux, BSD, SunOS, and macOS. Most of the people using the big three OS for supporting their job, so don’t worry about this software can be used in Microsoft, Linux, and Mac.
  • Filesystem and Partition Support. TestDisk is able to restore and recover the data in the filesystem and partitioning table. There are five types of partition tables that use TestDisk for recovery as follows: Apple partition, GUID partition table, Intel partition table (especially master boot record), Sun Solari’s slice, and Xbox fixed partitioning scheme. Also, it easy to restorable and recoverable using this software

2. Cons of TestDisk

The cons of TestDisk is only one. TestDisk is Millennials software but it brings a 90’s sensation while using it. There is the minus point of TestDisk, which is its user interface display.

TestDisk’s display seems like 90’s software that is so old fashioned. Millennials who use it, it is not suitable for their taste because of the software’s less graphical user experience. Also, it needs highly skilled individuals to use it, however, it is quite easy to operate.

Finally, it is easy to use TestDisk for recovering your data. Please remember that to avoid accidental moments such as data missing caused by viruses and human error. You can make the back up in the removable disk or the cloud storage.

Also, after knowing about this information, hopefully, you can use this software easily. Then, you can help your friend when they get trouble such as losing their data. Whether the software is quite sophisticated, after reading this article you can use it without any problems.

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