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When we work in an agency or company, of course, we will work with other employees. And in the world of work, we must be able to work quickly even in long distances. For that, we need ThinLinc to help our work in controlling and managing several devices at one time. The following are some of the advantages of this software.

ThinLinc Features

1. Remote Access with Freedom and Flexibility

This software is one of the remote access that can help us work together. With this software, we can control one device with several other devices at a time. Not only that, but ThinLinc also gives us the freedom to use it anywhere and anytime.

The reason is that this software can support various platforms. So that coworkers or clients who use devices with different platforms can still use it. So we can use it flexibly without having to adjust different platforms or operating systems.

2. Safe to Use

Security is important for a company to keep its secret. It aims to keep their work stable and not easily disturbed by others. Therefore, even though we want to use certain software to help with the work, we must pay attention to security as well. However, by using this software, we do not need to worry about security problems.

The reason is that this software has a centralized solution so that the data remains secure in the server room. Therefore, we can still send data to other devices without worrying that someone will hack the data.

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3. Publishing Application

For the convenience of every user of this software, the developer tries to make it for anyone to use. Even for operating systems that are rarely used like Linux. By using ThinLinc, we can connect it to various other devices. We can even publish applications from Linux devices to other devices with different operating systems.

This certainly makes it easier for all PC users around the world to more quickly connect one device to another. Therefore, this will increase our work professionalism at work. Which previously could have cost and considerable time, now we don’t need it.

4. High Availability and Load Balancing

When working in a company, of course, we must be able to connect several devices at one time. This is so that our work is more efficient and more effective. Therefore, remote access software must have a lot of user availability and less load.

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That way the process of setting or controlling some of these devices must be able to support up to thousands of devices at one time. In addition, the speed of the process must also be better so there are no delays that only hamper our work. Therefore, ThinLinc can support from 10 to 10,000 users. So we can rely on this software to ease our work.

5. Authentication

The authentication method is one of the keys to a program’s security. Moreover, this security side is the main thing that people always pay attention to before using the software. Of course, everyone always wants his company secret not known to others. However, the level of work is increasingly complicated, and increasingly fierce competition makes us inevitably use it.

Therefore, this software has a unique and clever authentication method. Authentication methods that support this software include public keys, smart cards, and passwords. With this authentication method, it’s certain that other people can’t hack our data.

6. Hot-Desking

One feature of this software is Hot-desking. This hot-desking can increase mobility by enabling smooth transitions between client devices. Without this feature, this remote access software will not work properly.

We will face many obstacles such as the slow process of software control. Of course, the software does not help our work but adds to our workload.

That was about some of the advantages of ThinLinc as one of the best remote access software. If anyone can lighten our work well, why don’t we just try it? That way we can still work well and can even increase the professionalism of our work.

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