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Have you ever accidentally erased your data or files on your computer, but you still need them? Or your data suddenly disappeared without reason whereas you need it for tomorrow? Well, if you are facing these problems, it is normal because many people face the same problem. Rather than panicking, you should find out how to get them back. These days, many kinds of software can help get your data back and one of them is Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery.

Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery is a software that can recover your erased data such as photos, video, audio, and even documents. Or in other words, it can recover almost any kind of data that you have erased and bring it back to your PC. They do not only recover the files in the Trash / Recycle Bin but also the ones already moved from there. Quite amazing right, especially if your data is important and you need them badly. So, what are the advantages of this software that makes people love it so much?

1. Free & Paid Version

Like any other software, this software also comes with a free and paid version that you can get. If you want to give it a dry, you can download the free version which is quite helpful. The differences between the paid and free version are on the process and types of files that can be recovered. The paid version has more types of files that you can recover such as ZIP, RAR, OGG, and many more. However, compared to other software, this paid version is still the most affordable one.

2. Easy to Use

The steps in recovering your files are simple and easy to follow. From the first time you enter the software, there is guidance on what you must do next. The steps are very clear, so people will easily understand them and will be able to follow them. As for the time, it depends on the size and memory you have on your PC. The bigger the size of your lost data the longer it will take.

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Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery Latest Version

3. Hard Disk Recovery

Repair your old hard disk and get your files back using Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery. This software is also able to repair your unread hard disk and bring back all your data on it. Even if your hard disk is attacked by a virus, the software will help scan through and fix it for you. Therefore, in the end, your hard disk will be ready to use again like new.

4. Preview & Choose Data

After the scanning process to recover your data, you get to choose the data you want to recover. You can also resize the file or save it in the existing size. It all depends on how you want the document and files to be. Just make sure when you save the file, you put in a different location as where it was last. And don’t change anything during the scanning and choosing process.

5. All-Around Recovery

So, there are many features available in this software that people can apply. However, one of the best ones is the All-Around recovery method. With this method, the software will recover your files using any kind of method and scenario. So, if the first method doesn’t succeed, it will move on until the last one.

There are two versions of the software, free and paid version of Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery. Both have the same function; the only difference is in the features you will get. The paid version will be complete and more capable compared to the free version. So, if you don’t need it for too many cases then you can get the free version.

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